Van Gogh Dublin: An Immersive Journey

Taking over RDS’ Shelbourne Hall from May 16, Van Gogh Dublin is a 20,000 square foot sound and light show featuring two-floor projections of the artist’s most compelling works. The journey is completely immersive thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), so you feel like you are surrounded by the artwork and the artwork is a living, breathing thing. You will encounter the brilliance of one of the greatest artists in history in 360 degrees. The high-tech show, founded by two Irish brothers Dan and John Gleeson, is family-friendly and designed for people of all ages and interests from May 16 through August. 4th.

Van Gogh Dublin is an immersive, fully digital and hands-free experience, perfect for our socially distant world and for all audiences, young and old. The RDS is one of the few venues in Dublin with sufficient infrastructure to build an immersive exhibition of this scale and impact.

You can walk through the fascinating and tragic life of Van Gogh

Speaking about what makes this immersive experience of one of the world’s most iconic artists so amazing and different, project director Jillian Wilson said, “Visitors will experience the best in audiovisual storytelling and be immersed in the history and Van Gogh’s work of art, enjoying his masterpieces in an advanced digital format, transformed using different facades and technological approaches. Even ending with a futuristic and innovative AI interpretation of his paintings”.

“You can walk through the fascinating and tragic life of Van Gogh, through his carefully selected works of art, chosen to fully absorb you in a multi-sensory experience, with stunning audio-visual effects.”

The show was orchestrated by creative studio Nohlab, known for its stunning and multi-award winning immersive digital art exhibitions around the world.

As part of this immersive Van Gogh Dublin journey, visitors will also be able to experience three of Nohlab’s existing multi-sensory contemporary digital artworks, some of which feature in the famous Atelier Des Lumières in Paris, which will take the visitor on a journey beyond- beyond Van Gogh, towards the evolution of art, science and light.

This immersive journey of Van Gogh is the world premiere of this digital art exhibition, taking digital art technologies to a new level right here in Dublin. Think you’ve seen an immersive Van Gogh experience like this before abroad? Think again !

The experience unfolds in four parts, beginning with a deep dive into Vincent Van Gogh’s subconscious. 20,000 square foot digital projections of his psyche will surround you in 360 degrees. From his personal letters, drawings from different periods of his life and even his signature brushstrokes. The first part is as if Van Gogh showed us the world through his own eyes.

Speaking of the first part, project director Jillian Wilson said, “Many highlights like ‘The Workers’ which he frequently painted or the influence of Japanese art on him slowly unfold around you. , in breathtaking succession. Throughout this section we discover the portraits of people who have marked his life. The immersive experience brings us into the scenes of ‘The Potato Eaters’ or ‘Almond Blossoms’ as if we were inside them and they were alive around us.

Part Two captures Van Gogh as he leaves Paris and travels south, “in search of light”. We walk with him in the fields of Arles, seeing Van Gogh’s visionary gaze on the perspective and the horizon. We take our time in his room in Arles and in his famous decor of Sunflowers.

The IA part of this exhibition is the most spectacular, as it uses a comprehensive catalog of over 2000 works of art.

Jillian Wilson says, “Many of the scenes are innovative interpretations of defining elements of her life or style. We occupy here his unconscious, composed in particular of what he painted in his room at the asylum. And you feel like you’re on his mind and his thoughts right now.

The third part immerses us directly in the characteristic scenes and paintings of Van Gogh. The scene evolves as we live under that characteristic painted sky of Starry Night or lie down in Wheatfields with Crows.

Then the journey takes us into the more abstract scenes of Van Gogh’s style. A scene inspired by his famous painting techniques, such as brushstrokes, where we experience them in person through a futuristic environment.

Jillian Wilson continues: “The IA part of this exhibition is the most spectacular, because it uses a comprehensive catalog of over 2000 works: paintings, drawings and letters. By categorizing and analyzing them, they learn Van Gogh’s style, his color palette, they also generate paintings in his style. It really is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tickets are available at The show takes place in the Shelbourne Hall of the RDS from May 16and august 4and. The RDS was one of the few Irish venues able to facilitate a technical marvel of this scale and impact. All Covid-19 rules and guidelines will be strictly followed.

Follow Van Gogh Dublin on Instagram here: @vangoghdublinrds.

Ticket prices:

  • Adult: €25.00
  • Child 5-12 years old: €15.00
  • Reduced rate (Student/OAP) €23.00
  • Under 5 years old: Free (but must have a ticket)

*Booking fees will apply.

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