Van Gogh Immersive Experience is coming to the Sacramento area

The 30,000+ square foot immersive Van Gogh Experience is a national tour dedicated to the life and art of famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The immersive Van Gogh experience is now available to the public for the next six months in West Sacramento.

An immersive art exhibition of over 30,000 square feet is a national tour dedicated to the life and art of the famous Dutch painter of the 1800s, Vincent Van Gogh.

The experience allows art lovers to admire Van Gogh’s work using 4K digital projection technology.

It combines traditional gallery-style learning techniques with an immersive 10,000 foot video display, as well as 3D art showrooms and virtual reality.

“This is an opportunity to literally step into Van Gogh’s world and become part of his painting,” said Exhibition Hub executive producer John Zaller. “That’s really the point of this exhibition, it’s to inhabit the world in which Van Gogh lived, to really walk in his footsteps.”

According to Zaller, the experience focuses on three different levels of immersion that are both engaging and interactive.

The first is an educational experience that takes visitors through a series of galleries that tell an in-depth story of Van Gogh’s life.

Next is the Immersive Gallery, which offers a 35-minute loop through 400 works by Van Gogh in a 360-degree experience. From there, visitors are taken to an interactive drawing area where they can channel their inner artist inspired by Van Gogh.

The final stage of the experience is virtual reality, where visitors can see the world through Van Gogh’s eyes and hear him talk about his painting process.

“With each step, we want to bring you closer and closer to the heart of the artist,” Zaller said.

The immersive Van Gogh experience launched in 2018 and has been on tour ever since. This will be the first time West Sacramento and the Sacramento area have had the opportunity to host this unique exhibit.

“In West Sacramento, we had an incredibly powerful and positive experience with the mayor, city council, and building department to really shine a light on this right in the heart of West Sacramento, right on Jefferson Boulevard,” Zaller said.

West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero visited the exhibit on its opening day, representing the city council.

“It really strikes the imagination,” Guerrero said. “It’s just a wonderful opportunity for people to be able to see the cultural events that West Sacramento now offers our area.”

The city is home to a variety of cityscapes unique to the Sacramento area.

“I asked John Zaller what he found in our presence and he told me it was part of the riverfront,” West Sacramento Mayor Martha Guerrero said. “Van Gogh also had his house along a harbor and if you follow the tour you will see some of what we have in West Sacramento like sunflowers, farms and fields.”

Zaller said Sacramento has a large community of art lovers, making it a perfect place for people to enjoy the immersive exhibit.

“There’s been a lot of interest expressed here from people who live in Sacramento,” Zaller said. “So we’re delighted to be here.”

The exhibit will remain in West Sacramento until the end of the year. It is located at 33 15th Street. Tickets range from $19 to $54 depending on package options and must be reserved in advance.

More information on how to reserve a timeslot for the exhibit can be found on the Sacramento Van Gogh Experience website.

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