Van Gogh’s “new” drawing discovered after a century, exhibited at the Amsterdam museum

A drawing from November 1882, Study for ‘Worn Out, ‘was recently discovered and attributed to Vincent van Gogh. The drawing is part of a private Dutch collection and was known to very few people, including some from the Van Gogh Museum. The owner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has asked the museum to confirm whether the unsigned work is by Van Gogh.

The drawing shows an elderly, bald man sitting on a wooden chair with his head in his hands. The model of the drawing appears regularly in the works of Van Gogh, who drew the bald old man more than forty times. A far cry from Gogh’s vibrant oil paintings of various flowers and lush landscapes. Experts say this comes from a time in the artist’s career when he was working to improve his skills as a portrait painter.

“In terms of materials too, there is everything one would expect from a Van Gogh drawing of this period: a large carpenter’s pencil as a medium, coarse watercolor paper as a support, and a fixation with a solution of water and milk. There are traces of damage in the corners on the back of the drawing, which we can relate to the way Van Gogh usually attached sheets of paper to his drawing board using wads of starch, ”the lead researcher said. Teio Meedendorp in a statement.

The museum already has the almost identical design, Exhausted. “It was pretty clear that they are related,” Meedendorp added.

Study for “Worn Out” is a preliminary study for the 1882 drawing “Worn out”, one of the most powerful figure drawings of Van Gogh’s period in The Hague. The artist described in detail how the drawing was born in letters to his brother Theo and his friend Anthon van Rappard.

“It is quite rare that a new work is attributed to Van Gogh,” museum director Emilie Gordenker said in a statement. “We are proud to be able to share this first drawing and its story with our visitors. “

The drawing, which has never been made public before, is on display at the Amsterdam museum until January 2, 2022.

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