What does your favorite flower say about you?

Find out how your favorite flower defines who you are.

1. Roses are the classic flowers most associated with romance. Of course, there are pink roses and red roses – both are wonderful in terms of romance. People who prefer red roses are hopeless romantics who appreciate beauty and delicacy. People who love pink roses are truly romantic, but they are also independent and don’t necessarily need a partner. Either way, due to the delicate nature of the flower, people who prefer roses are more delicate. But alas, beware of the thorns of the rose! As delicate and affectionate as rose lovers are, they are also very sensitive and protective of themselves. The thorns represent protection.

2. Peonies are gorgeous flowers – more so than the rose, I would say. Peony lovers have a taste for luxury and taste for expensive. It is one of the most expensive flowers sold on the market. Despite being so expensive, peonies are very hardy flowers that are easy to grow. Therefore, peony fans are not only luxurious, but also strong-willed, purposeful and adaptable people.

3. Sunflower We’ve all heard a million songs about sunflowers. From Post Malone to Harry Styles, sunflowers seem to be a favorite for describing women. People who prefer sunflowers are delighted and optimistic. However, their positivity goes deeper and deeper than conventional motivational phrases. Sunflower lovers have an indescribable warmth and are genuine, sane people. Sunflower Lovers are also a little quirky, but they’re particularly thoughtful and empathetic. They are weirdos, great friends who support others and make things interesting.

4. Violets are beautiful but more subtle flowers. These are not the flowers you would put in a bouquet as they are more natural wildflowers. Pansies are excellent houseplants if you can accommodate their growing needs. Violet lovers are strong-willed and determined bosses of girls. They have high needs because they know their worth. Violets are known to be native to tropical regions. Therefore, violet lovers are people who love warm weather and natural climate.

5. Orchids are breathtaking and expensive flowers. They are usually sold in single denominations with a nice jar. They have a sweet fragrance and a beautiful pink color. Orchid lovers know how elegant it is to have fresh flowers in your home. They are also fierce and independent people who can survive on their own. Orchid lovers have a sweet tooth, are more feminine and love classic movies.

6. Poppies Poppies have a bright red color that sets them apart more than any other flower. You can spot them from miles away due to their brilliant coloration. Like violets, they are better known as garden flowers than bouquet flowers. Poppy lovers are complex and introspective people. The poppy has been used as a symbol of death and memory. They also have messages about rebirth, sleep, regeneration and eternal life. Van Gogh himself painted poppies in some of his works. Maca lovers are deep and more introverted. They are very aware of their world and are always searching for deeper meanings. Poppy lovers are neither optimists nor pessimists – they are realists who understand how things work and seek the most practical solutions to situations.

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