What to expect at the Da Vinci Experience in Vancouver 2021

Immerse yourself in the life and work of the Renaissance man whose work spanned the fields of art and science. And pose with a lady named “Mona Lisa”.

Take a break from the sweltering summer sun and explore a new immersive event dedicated to the life and work of artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

The Da Vinci Experience is a global exhibit that landed in Metro Vancouver, marking its first foray into North America, and takes a summer run south of the city to the Tsawwassen Mills Mall.

Showcasing replicas of some of Da Vinci’s incredible inventions as well as several representations of his famous works of art, the exhibition is presented as a “sensory experience” that immerses you in the realm of the great Italian mathematician of the High Renaissance.

Oh, and you can also pose with a replica of her famous painting, the “Mona Lisa”.

Organized by Dr Roberta Barsanti, director of the Italian Leonardo da Vinci Museum, the Da Vinci Experience occupies 4,000 square feet of space in the mall and allows visitors to stroll through a room equipped with 360-degree projections of the works. of the artist and the inventor. .

Here, you sit and admire the floor-to-ceiling projections of his drawings, paintings and machines. Even the floor is lit with something to watch during the 30-minute looped presentation, which guests can walk in or out at any time.

The exhibition also includes a room filled with inventions, works of art and explanations, as well as a room dedicated to the breakdown of key elements from his famous painting “The Last Supper”.

Guests can also experience a VR experience at the end, which young and old alike will really love. Get a real interior, a 360 ° view from inside Da Vinci’s own studio.

The event was first produced in Florence, Italy by Crossmedia Group, which has produced several immersive artist exhibitions, including shows featuring Magritte, Klimt and Van Gogh.

Da Vinci Experience – Vancouver

When: June 29 to end of August 2021

Or: Tsawwassen Mills, Entrance # 3 – 5000 Canoe Pass Way, Delta

Tickets: Buy your tickets in advance online.

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