Why Unfriended is more than a supernatural footage gimmick

Remember friendless? The chilling and provocative horror film that brought the genre into the modern digital age by presenting the full feature film through Blaire (Shelley Hennig) portable. The gimmick is ultimately what sold this found movie; However, beyond the heavy use of social media and supernatural twists, there’s a film with a deeper meaning that makes the 2014 feature a treasured presence in the horror world. To remember, friendless catches up with Blaire, Mitch (Moses Storm), Jesse (Renee Olstead), Adam (Will Peltz), Ken (Jacob Wysocki), and Val (Courtney Halverson) on an online group Skype session. Suddenly, they are joined by a user known only as Billie227; however, the account is under the name Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman), their classmate who committed suicide, and the night it all happens is the one-year anniversary of that tragic incident. Blaire and his friends are forced to face their darkest secrets or see their night end in death.


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An invasion of privacy

Now it’s by no means friendless a classic in the vein of Scream, The ExorcistWhere Rosemary’s baby; however, it remains an effective and solid film that manages to create real scares. The most important thing behind this is how he managed to generate these fears. At first glance, it might seem silly to document an entire movie via laptop, but given that we’re in the age of social media, it feels like a complete invasion of privacy. Obviously, friendless is aimed at teenagers, so the target audience will instantly connect with the situation because the moment is relatable. The invasion of privacy occurs because browsing the Internet is a lot like owning your own home. Being on the global web means there are millions of viewers likely to Google something every second, but the things Blaire does are meant to be private. When Blaire and Mitch’s intimate moment is interrupted by Jess, Adam, Ken, Val, and Billie227 (or more accurately, an angry and vengeful Laura), their privacy has been shattered here. The main thing is that they do not control the situation. Blaire’s life is turned upside down when Laura reveals all of her darkest secrets, including Mitch’s cheating with his best friend, Adam.

Everything is permanent

Since the modern era is so tech-driven, hackers can find a way to steal your identity, bank account numbers, or, in Laura’s case, humiliate you for the whole internet to see. The main catalyst for Laura’s suicide was a video of her drunk which was posted anonymously. As a vengeful Laura states to Blaire after it was revealed she posted the video, “What U’ve Done Will Live Here Forever”; Laura’s life was turned upside down by this gaffe which saw her own friend turn her drunken mistakes into an unimaginable nightmare that she continually had to live through constant taunts and torment from her peers. It was a rabbit hole that Laura couldn’t escape, which is why she thought suicide was her only option. friendless it’s not about found-sequence trickery or supernatural madness for the digital age; it’s a feature that highlights the dark side of modern technology. Places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can capture the best moments in a person’s life, but when it comes to someone’s ugly moments, it sticks in people’s minds for a long time – maybe for all time.

everyone is hiding something

Going back to Blaire and his friends, the feature really highlights how terrible these kids are. Jess stole $800 from Adam and spread the news that Blaire had an eating disorder. Speaking of Adam, he covered up and raped a girl and his best friend even knew about it. Blaire cheating on Mitch is actually tame in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, cheating is always bad, but the goal of their “never have I ever” game is a game-changer that makes you want to watch these teenagers meet their dark fate. The point is also to point out that you don’t really know who the people behind closed doors are. It gives these characters an incredible dimension behind who they show up. And the same goes for Laura; The first thing we learn early in the film is that she is a victim of cyberbullying who committed suicide. Then the momentum changes as the story progresses because the other characters disparage her character, revealing that she wasn’t the angel people remember her as. By the end of the film, it’s clear that, just like in the real world, there can be a huge difference between how you present yourself online and who you really are.

Once we finally get to the bottom of the story, which reveals that Blaire and Mitch were ultimately behind the embarrassing video, it underscores that the internet is just a mask hiding someone’s true identity. The trick of watching the whole movie through a social media perspective was a facade to connect with the main characters, only to peel back the layers of who those people are as the movie progresses. Sure, friendless has several notable plot holes (How the hell did Laura get a video of Blaire and Adam having sex at such a perfect angle?), but the 2014 feature’s message is loud and clear. friendless is more than a supernatural found footage thing. Whether you love or hate the movie, it manages to create characters through the lenses of the modern age, and while it’s a mostly supernatural movie, it tells an important story rooted in truth and truth. realism.

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